From the nature to the nature

We want to ensure our relationship with nature is mutually beneficial, giving back to our planet as it consistently gives to us.

Excessive plastics from personal care & beauty products have had a significant impact on the environment. We choose to use

responsible, sustainable packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. Therefore, we’ve opted for PCR glass and FSC certified

cartons since they are are recycled and recyclable.

Brand Mission

The best for you and for the environment

We created Farm Rx so that all skin types can feel safe but see visible results. We pursue personal wellness and wellness for the planet.

We believe that healthy skin connects to healthy mind. We offer a moment of wellness to all skin types through stress-free ingredients and

stress-free formulas. Our definition of “wellness” includes the environment. What you use day-to-day can have an impact on our planet.

Excessive plastics can harm our nature. We believe small changes like refilling Super Greens Refillable Gel Cleanser, recycling our packaging

can help bring true wellness to the planet.